15. Russia Tatjana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak Tatjana and Denberel had a very good audition with cool Leds on the stage. The song was a bit strange, but have a great message and fits the stage well. But i felt, something was missing on the stage, of course there were any dancers and bigger special effects. Tatjana has a beautiful voice, but Denberels voice isnt perfect and maybe a bit powerless. Sorry Russia!

14. Albania Isea Cili Mikja ime Femijeri The stage was really colourful and the many leds give it a unique and also magic sense of style. Her song was very emotional and catches everyone with the pretty emotional refrain. But i fell, something was missing in the song. It was really beautiful, but not powerful enough to make it to a big contender. Iseas Voice was very good, but i know that song show not all what she can.

13. Malta Eliana Gomez Blanco We are more Her Vocals and Voice were not really great. Her song was also a bit strange and not very interesting. The stage had great leds that perfectly fits her emotional song, but something special was missing on it. I know she wasnt bad, but not good enough.

12. Serbia Darija Vracevic Podigni Glas The song is really powerful and have the perfect emotion in it. The stage was pretty with the many leds and special effects that suits the song very much. Her vocals were fantastic and she have a great strong voice. But her outfit can be a bit better.

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