n Germany gives a compulsory schooling from the age of 6 and many children visit the kindergarten before. You leave the primary school from the 4th grade, if you no replay a grade. After that you go to high school or another school. Mostly the lessons starts at 8 A.M. and it ends at 13:25 P.M. The school year consists of two half-years. In the federal countries are holidays differently. From the age of 16 , of the end of the 10th grade, you does the middle schoolend,if you pass it you can go to sec 2 to get his high school diploma.

Wenn Harry Potter von den Machern von ICE Age gemacht wäre

Harry Potter Harry Potter - jetzt kammert‘s! Harry Potter - der Gefangene ist los! Harry Potter - voll verfeuert! Harry Potter - Phönix voraus! Harry Potter- Das kolossale Halbblut Harry Potter - die Heiligtümer vom Dunklen

Ich schaue Grad ice Age 1, auf einmal kommt in Film der faultier Sit, und ich schreie wie verrückt: ,,Oooooohh! Schau mal Schwester da bist duuuuuu!!!!!! "