Wehre are you Joana????? We Need you to live!!!!!! We all live you very, very much!!!! And we miss you!!! Come again!!!!!

Jana an Weihnachten: Last Christmas, I gave you annoyed. And the very next day, I was banned. This year, I'm making an account. And then get banned again.

Bill Clinton ----------------- Sperm is best against the Corona Virus.

I gave Monica a swallow every day.

She was never sick.



Reporter: "Mr. President, what are you going to do next against the Corona-Virus? "

Trump: "We are launching DEFCON 3.

Reporter: "What does this mean for the United States, Mr. President?"

Trump: "The ventilators are equipped with a coin slot."

Trump versetzt Erdogan den Gnadenstoss.

Damit ist Amerika wieder great again.

...Döner für alle, und das zum halben Preis.


Santa tell me, if you really care! Don ́t make me hope again this year, that corona will be here, 2021, next year!

press conference

Reporter: "Mr. President, are you sure that you will be re-elected by the Corona crisis?"

Trump: "I'm sure I'm the next president again, no question.

Reporter: "What makes you so sure there, Mr. President?"

Trump: "Based on the death rate, the Democrats are ahead."